Which Block Do I Choose?

Which Block Do I Choose?

It is always best to consult your nearest supplier or installer to make sure you have chosen the best type of block for your particular project. Please also note that your local supplier does not necessarily stock the full GreenLock range of products.

Each block in the GreenLock range has its own aesthetic appeal and engineered advantages. The choice as to which block to choose can be divided into four categories:

Unplanted Retaining Walls.

The GreenLock soil retaining blocks require no maintenance and are suitable to be planted or left unplanted. Each block creates its own distinctive design pattern. All GreenLock retaining walls are suitable to incorporate steps. The blocks are manufactured in grey and an attractive earthy color. Custom coloring can also be done on special request.

  • The S12 creates a wall which is either fluted or plain.
  • The R12 creates an aesthetically pleasing rockface finish.
  • The V12 creates a wave like appearance which can be varied in a number of ways. 

Planted Retaining Walls.

The S12 & the V12 provide the most cost-effective solution for a planted retaining wall. The V12 is the most cost effective solution and suitable for sites which require a number of corners and curves or more elaborate designs.

Sites with a number of corners and/or trees.

The V12, with its ability to turn angles up to 105ยบ, will easily negotiate a site which requires a number of corners and curves. The angle markers on the block top surface ensure accurate and easy installation. Where trees need to be encircled, the V12 provides superior locking power combined with a pleasant visual appearance.

Sites which require increased reinforcement and stability.

All GreenLock retaining wall blocks are suitable for sites which require additional reinforcement, either due to height or angle restrictions. The blocks have the ability to be laid side by side as a double skin, triple skin or as many skins required or specified, so as to widen the base of the wall increasing the weight and thereby the stability of the wall. The R12 has the aditional ability to be ordered and used as a solid double block assembly before the blocks are split. Please note for multiple skin walls the blocks required per square meter must be adjusted acordingly.

GreenLock retaining wall blocks cover all aspects, from engineered structural walls to DIY walls and provide a cost effective, visually pleasing and structurally sound soil retaining solution.