The GreenLock products were first conceptualised during 1987 by Axel Buttgen, founder of Steco Concrete Works in Blackheath, Cape Town with the Steco 12 retaining wall block. During 1998 Cape Brick in Cape Town became the first manufacturer of the follow up design the S12 Smooth Face. Always bearing in mind the manufacturer and the end user, Axel saw a gap in the market to be more cost effective and for easier transporting and laying, but at the same time not to loose any of the important design criteria for such specialised products, to design a 12 block / m2 weighing less than 30kg / block. The block became so successful that 2 years later the R12 Rock Face was designed on the same design criteria’s. For color consistency and to reflect a more earthy and natural feel, Anthony Gracie one of the Director’s of Cape Brick had the idea to pigment the blocks in a Sandstone blend.

To enable Cape Brick to have a further edge in this specialised market, in 2006 another retaining wall block was added to the range, the versatile GreenLock V12. This new generation block with it’s unique design is the most cost effective retaining wall block on the present market. The block is purpose designed and engineered for awkward sites with the ability to turn up to 105 degrees between two blocks. The V12 is the first block on the local and international market to have degree markers cast on the top face to enable to lay perfect shaped curves and corners. Through the exceptional response and success of the GreenLock range of retaining wall blocks it became obvious to market and manufacture the GreenLock blocks on a National basis.

To have a complete soil erosion control, soil stabilising and soil retaining system as well as a storm water management system in place, the multi use G8 Earthlock hard lawn block was designed. The G8 Earthlock is well advanced in it’s design, has all around interlocking, multiple laying possibilities and has been used successfully in constructing heavy duty roads, strip roads, parking areas, spill ways, slip ways, canal lining and storm water channels.

We at GreenLock always strive to be creative and proactive to be able to satisfy this specialised and important market in conjunction with the engineer fraternity. New products are already on the drawing board and will shortly be presented to the GreenLock manufacturers. Be rest assured when using a GreenLock product you will obtain a top quality, workable and durable product, manufactured to the stringent SABS and CMA Standard. All our products are design registered, both functionally and aesthetically.