With the ever increasing development in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors as well as maintaining and extending the Municipal and National road infrastructure, the problem to address effective and cost efficient soil retaining, soil erosion, water control / management and soil stabilisation, becomes a vital and integral part of any newly planned development.

Throughout Southern Africa, land loss – both inland and on the coastal shorelines – is a daily occurrence and needs to be addressed diligently, effectively and economically by utilising as much as possible available local resources. The Greenlock range of products have been designed, conceptionalized and engineered to provide a complete and the most advanced soil retaining, soil stabilisation and soil erosion system on the market to date. The simple but unique designs of the GreenLock retaining wall blocks and the versatile G8 Earthlock hard lawn block have proven over the years to provide this particular industry with a range of products which has given confidence to the civil engineering community but also the DIY market. The GreenLock name has become a household name in this specialized market throughout South Africa and Namibia. Our range of products are manufactured strategically in all major centers in South Africa and Namibia.

We constantly strive to increase the manufacturing bases of our products in South Africa and Southern Africa and are presently negotiating with manufacturers in Mozambique, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi.

Please feel free to contact us and write to us at axelbuttgen@aol.com  if your company is interested to manufacture our product/s in an area in which we are not presented at present.