When building any type of retaining wall of significant height it is of crucial importance to engage the services of a qualified and experienced engineer. The building regulations and by laws are very strict regarding the construction of a retaining wall and we at GreenLock will always advise to use the services of an engineer for walls over 1.2 meters in height to make sure that there will be no wall failure in the future. Although retaining walls look easy and simple to install, there are numerous and vital factors to watch out for which only a qualified and experienced engineer can decide upon.

A rule of thumb is, where the wall is less than 1,2m built to a batter of 70° (from horizontal) and where soil and drainage conditions are good and well compacted, there should be no need for an engineer. Where however, the height of the wall exceeds 1,2m, or if problem soils (clay) or a high water table exists, or where a structure is to be erected on top of the retained fill close to the wall, or even load bearing walls, then the services of an engineer or competent person are required. In such cases, the local authorities should insist on a design and stability certificate from the engineer


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